The station buildings at Barcombe Mills, on a rather wet day. Most definitely not a "traditional" Brighton design!

photograph by Ray Soper

Barcombe Mills
Baynards Baynards Station, between Horsham and Guildford, was situated in Hogspudding Lane. When the line first opened Baynards was the only passing place.

photograph by Keith Harwood

There was a tunnel nearby in which a Q1 once had an unfortunate experience! The train was long and heavy and the loco slipped continuously in the tunnel, but in the dark and smoke the crew did not realise they were actually sliding backwards, despite the loco being in forward gear. They only became aware of what was happening when the tunnel lightened - from the wrong end!

photograph by Keith Harwood

Baynards Baynards with a winter coat of snow!

photographs by Keith Harwood

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