Falmer Signalbox between Brighton and Lewes. Although no longer in use as a signalbox, it has not been dismantled and is, in fact, kept in a very smart condition. Seen here on 15th September 2004.

photograph by Peter Richards

Falmer Here is the SR Standard 3-Position Block Instrument from here to Lewes, the block bell and some of the repeaters from when the 'box was still in use.

photograph by kind permission of Alan Elliott

The frame at Falmer. This was referred to as a "knee frame" which is, in reality, a ground frame used inside a Signalbox. This was installed by the Southern Railway in September 1929 when this platform 'box replaced the earlier LB&SCR one.

photographs by kind permission of Alan Elliott

Falmer Another view of the frame at Falmer. Lever 1, the up distant, has 2, 3 and 4 painted on it. This indicates that before the distant signal can be pulled off each of signals 2, 3 and 4 have to be already off. These plates were all painted for the SR BR(S) by one man, and when he retired they they stopped using painted plates!

photograph by kind permission of Alan Elliott

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