Ryde Pier

Pier An unidentified O2 heads a typical 6 coach IoW train on the start of its journey from Ryde Pier Head. The tracks in front are of the tramway, originally petrol powered but converted to diesel to cut costs.

photograph by Keith Harwood

W24 Calbourne (minus nameplates) taken in the summer of 1965 entering Ryde Pier Head station with a single vehicle works train.

photograph by Mike Morant

Ryde works
Ryde Oh dear! Nº22 Brading has come to grief on Ryde Pier. The second axle of the bogie was derailed on 19th July 1965.

photograph by Mike Morant

A good view of the track layout with NºW35 Freshwater.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Tram Adjacent to the railway lines along the pier were the tracks for a tramway that ferried people from one end of the pier to the other. Originally a horse-drawn affair, it was converted to third rail electric operation (therefore pre-empting the Island Line by some 80 years) between 1886 and 1927.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

After 1927 the tramway was operated by petrol engined railcars until 1959, when diesel powered Drewry railcars (with a remarkable resemblence to the Wickham trollies) took over. The tramway closed in 1969 though the track supports are still in situ and "look" to be in remarkably good condition!

photograph by Keith Harwood

Ryde Pier Tram

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