Harrietsham Station was built by the London, Chatham and Dover railway and opened, along with the other stations on the Maidstone East-Ashford line, on 1st July 1884. The station building, in common with all the intermediate stations on the line, was based on the design of Sevenoaks Bat & Ball and is a carbon copy of the station at Hollingbourne, the preceeding station on the line.
Harrietsham Station from the footbridge
Harrietsham station from the footbridge on 22nd September 2008

photograph by Stephen Roffey.

The main station building stands on the up platform and is an attractive creme brick - all intermediate stations between Maidstone East and Ashford being to this standard design. Bearsted, Hollingbourne, Harrietsham are, and the long since demolished Hothfield was, built with this material, whilst Lenham and Charing are built with red brick, and slightly more substantial.

photograph by Stephen Roffey.

Harrietsham Station from the forecourt
Harrietsham In common with the other intermediate stations on the route west of Maidstone, the station had a dock platform for loading cattle which was immediately beyond the site of the concrete footbridge (a 1961 addition in connection with the Kent Coast Phase II electrification) and the platform narrows at this point. Lenham retains it's dock thanks to the conversion of the former siding to a passing loop, however at Harretsham this has been removed and the once complex layout of sidings is now entirely absent. The station buildings were renovated in 1984.

photograph by Stephen Roffey.

As mentioned above, the footbridge was a late addition, being a product of Exmouth Juntion installed in connection with the Kent Coast Electrification in 1961, access to the down platform having previously by means of a walkway at the eastern end of the platforms. The nodescript modern barn-like structure beyond stands on the site of the former dock siding, where the platform narrows. The down platform hosts a standard LCDR shelter, reduced in depth compared to the others on the line. In the distance can be seen the goods shed. The down platform is not original - it was rebuilt in prefabricated concrete during the Southern Railway's tenure. Both platforms were extended in 2003 in connection with the end of Slam Door services.

photograph by Stephen Roffey.

Harrietsham Station looking west from the down platform
Harrietsham Continental freight traffic on the Ashford-Maidstone line is common, the line always having been considered secondary to the Ashford-Tonbridge route. EWS Class 92 dual-voltage Co-Co electric locomotive Nº92015 'D.H. Lawrence' passes through Harrietsham with an intermodal train on the morning of 22nd September 2008.

photograph by Stephen Roffey.

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