Folkestone East/Junction Today

The site of what we recently knew as Folkestone East station was originally opened as Folkestone on 18th December 1843 and was renamed Folkestone Junction in September 1858, no doubt in anticipation of the short branch to Folkestone Harbour that opened in 1850. In November 1863 it was further renamed Folkestone Junction (Shorncliffe) - not to be confused with stations nearby later called Shorncliffe (or variations thereof ). It went back to being Folkestone Junction in April 1884, then back to being Folkestone in June 1897. Some time after that it was renamed Folkestone Junction once again, the name by which it was known for some fifty-odd years before once again reverting to Folkeston East! The station was closed on 6th September 1965.
These photographs are of what was once Folkestone East station today. It is now the site of an underground pumping station for Southern Water!
Folkestone East
Folkestone East
Folkestone East

all photographs by James Kent

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