Christ's Hospital

Christ's Hospital station is a lot younger than the line from Horsham on which it is situated. The "Horsham and Guildford Direct Railway", first proposed in 1860 and opening in 1865, left the main line from Horsham at Stammerham Junction. When, in 1902, the Bluecoats School moved from London to Sussex the LB&SCR built a splendid new station for them at Stammerham Junction and named it "Christ's Hospital". Regrettably Christ's Hospital station is now a mere shadow of its former self.
Christ's Hospital

photograph by Keith Harwood

Christ's Hospital was a very imposing station, featuring no fewer than seven platform faces, but only five running lines. In the above photograph the two platforms on the far right flank a single running line that was used for luggage trains serving the nearby college. Just visible beyond the signalbox on the left of the picture is the line to Guildford for which three platforms and two running lines were provided. Here 2-Bil 2092 pauses with a train from Victoria to Bognor Regis via Redhill, Horsham and Littlehampton.
Christ's Hospital Christ's Hospital
Above: The battered sign on the up main platform at Christ's Hospital, giving direction to the Guildford platforms. Note the incorrect spelling of Rudgwick, which had evidently been that way for years.

photographs by Keith Harwood

Right: Closure notice relating to the line to Guildford. They had the spelling of Rudgwick right when they wanted to close it!


Some photographs taken more recently, in August 2003.

CH Former site of the signal box, which had to be demolished following a fire, allegedly due to a faulty electric heater.

photograph by Nick Beck

The up platform waiting shelter, rather more basic than the original structure to say the least!

photograph by Nick Beck

CH No more inspiring is the main station building situated on the opposite platform.

photograph by Nick Beck

A look across the car park at the station building, showing the plethora of automatic ticket machines for when the station is unstaffed.

photograph by Nick Beck


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