Breamore station was located centrally in the village on the original Salisbury and Dorset Junction Railway. The line opened in 1866 and was a single track line that passed through three counties during its 20 mile route from Alderbury Junction near Salisbury, Wiltshire, to join the Ringwood/Wimborne line at West Moors, Dorset and thence onward to Poole. For much of its length the line followed the River Avon along the western edge of the New Forest. Breamore was one of two Hampshire stations on the route (the other being Fordingbridge) both of which had passing loops. Absorbed by the L&SWR in 1883 the line became part of the Southern Railway in 1923, British Railways in 1948 and was closed completely in 1964.

Breamore All that remains of the station forecourt. Observations following a recent visit are that the station building was abandoned and apart from the track being lifted, was left to nature with very little interference or vandalism having occurred in the intervening 40 years. Foundations still exist of what was probably the goods shed together with a loading dock and timber buffer stop.

photograph by Brian Corbett

The up platform (Salisbury bound), photographed from beneath bridge. This bridge, carrying the local road over the track to the nearby village of Woodgreen, is immediately at the end of the platforms, and with its approach roads rising from the surrounding flat landscape must give the whole site a measure of protection from the northern elements.

photograph by Brian Corbett

Breamore The remains of the fire bucket rack. The former station building, platforms and Stationmaster's house are owned by Hampshire County Council - their notice board proclaims "Keep out" or words to that effect - with the Stationmaster's house being let out. Lets hope the County Council has sympathetic plans for its future. There is no boundary fencing but all the station building's doors and windows are boarded up. There are several regularly used footpaths and lanes adjacent so it is possible to view the site without the risk of trespass.

photograph by Brian Corbett

A report by Hampshire County Council on 23rd July 1998 sets out options for the sale and reuse of the property and proposes that further investigations be made into the feasibility of creating a footpath along the former railway line and refurbishing the station building for a complementary use.

Breamore information from Brian Corbett and Hantsweb.

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