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Branch Line (Australia) 490 Dorset Road, Croydon, Victoria, 3136, Australia.
tel:  +61 (03) 9723 1211 fax:  +61 (03) 9720 4711
Britannia Models (Canada)
The British Connection (Canada)
British Scale Models (Canada) Ltd
British Trains (USA) 1070 Thornwood Lane, Dacula, Georgia, 30211, USA.
tel:  (+1) (770) 995 5720>
Forest Miniatures (Australia) 17 Hurdis Avenue, French's Forest, New South Wales, 2086, Australia.
tel:  +61 (02)9451 1551 fax:  +61 (02) 9975 5557
Hobby One (Australia)
International Hobbies (USA) 10556 Combie Road, Suite 6327, Auburn, California, 95602, USA.
tel:  +1 (530) 268 8715 fax:  +1 (530) 268 3847
Miami Trains (USA)
Narrow Tracks & Trains (Canada)
Southern Steam Trains (USA)
Train World Pty Ltd (Australia) 624 Hawthorn Road, East Brighton, 3186, Australia.
tel:  +61 (03) 9596 6342 fax:  +61 (03) 9596 3917
Woodpecker Model Railways (Australia) 8/7 Joyce Street, Pendle Hill, New South Wales,  2145, Australia.
tel:  +61 (02) 9636 3855 fax:  +61 (02) 9671 6607

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