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From the book 'Railway Motor Buses and Bus Services in the British Isles 1902-1933', John Cummings, OPC 1980
"The only motor-bus service directly operated by the Southern Railway after its formation was that between Exeter and Chagford in Devonshire inherited from the London and South Western Railway. At the beginning of 1923 only 1 of the 2 pre-war Karrier buses was in service and as this needed increasing maintenance, a replacement had to be hired locally in Exeter. Finally, due to severe competition on various parts of the route, the service was running at an increasing loss, and was finally withdrawn on 30 September 1924, the vehicle being scrapped.

After the passing of the Southern Railway (Road Transport) Act (3 August 1928) the SR became a "participant in the formation of the Southern National Omnibus Co" registered on 28 February 1929. On the IOW, the SR became a shareholder in the Southern Vectis Omnibus Co as of 1 March 1929. From 1 July 1929, the SR (20%) and GWR (30%) became shareholders in the Devon General Omnibus and Touring Co. In November 1929 negotiations were under way with Tilling BAT, finalised in the following months for the SR to take share holdings in the Aldershot and District Traction Co, East Kent Car Co, Hants and Dorset Motor Services, Maidstone and District Motor Services and Southdown Motor Services. In 1930, the SR, with Tilling BAT took a third share in Wilts and Dorset Motor Services. On 1 January 1931 the GWR (35%) and SR 15% took a half share in the Thames Valley Traction Co."

With thanks to Mike Dunse for the above.

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