Running In Boards

Another good use for the Running In Board was for giving passengers information about changing trains, or alighting for local attractions. Here, in the early days of the Bluebell Railway, passengers arriving at Horsted Keynes are invited to "alight here for the Bluebell line". The 2 Bil for Haywards Heath and Seaford is in what was then platform 1.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Horsted Keynes RIB
Hove RIB That at Hove was a good example of a more modern BR(S) enamel running in board.

cine capture by Keith Harwood

Many stations had a target and a Running In Board adjacent to each other as was the case at Isfield.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Isfield RIB
A real Southern Railway gem! Concrete posts and wrought iron brackets as before, but this time the letters are individually screwed to the board. Another example like this was until recently to be found at the present-day Horsted Keynes, though this was a Bluebell re-construction.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Merton RIB
Parkstone RIB Not quite so flamboyant! The running-in board at Parkstone, which advised passengers that this was the station to alight for Sandbanks.

photograph by Michael Blackbourn

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