Running In Boards

Running In Boards may not be the most glamorous of railway artefacts, but they are most certainly important! As a train pulls into the station, probably still moving at some speed, the targets or totems can be difficult to read, but a large running in board proclaiming the name of the station is hard to miss. They have taken on different styles down the years, and at times have been removed for reasons of national security, but still perform the same task today as always, though some modern ones seem to have become joint running in board and advertising hoarding!

Here is a selection:

An all concrete board that was used at Baynards. Concrete was a favourite material of the Southern Railway and, as can be seen on these pages, one they used in numerous designs.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Baynards RIB
Bramber RIB Southern Railway concrete and wrought iron brackets with BR(S) enamel signing. There wasn't much point having the small totem alongside as well!

photograph by Keith Harwood

A fine example at Eridge of how concrete architecture can look good, even when "chunky".

photograph by Keith Harwood

Eridge RIB
Forest Row RIB Forest Row's board is similar to that at Bramber, but with thinner concrete posts.

photograph by Keith Harwood

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