Eurostar Test Train

A seven vehicle train was formed to test the third rail pick ups to be used by the Eurostar trains which was hauled by class 73 number 73205 (ex-73124, originally E6031) "London Chamber of Commerce". This loco had its pick-up shoes removed as the traction current was supplied via special pick up shoes mounted on modified bogies on an Experimental Driving Brake Van (TOPS code NZ), formed from a class 33 loco, 33115. These pictures were taken in March 1994 during the trials which were conducted on the main line out of Waterloo. Four of the vehicles were from 4TC unit 407 (8007) and were in BR Research Department colours, the other two coaches were corridor firsts from another 4TC unit, in Network SE colours.
2001 Loco 73205 that had been taken from the Gatwick Express dedicated pool. Wearing InterCity Executive livery with small BR arrows and beige below the red stripe, it has a red 73A shed plate on the front.

photograph by John Lewis.

The experimental driving brake van. This has been painted in matching InterCity livery (but without any BR arrows) for the tests. Written further along the bodyside, low down was "TEST VEHICLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SERVICES".

photograph by John Lewis.

4001 ADB 977687 (leading), formerly 76281 driving 2nd trailer, plus ADB 977686 (nearest camera), formerly a corridor first, both from 4TC 407. Note that the "1" signs and yellow stripe over the windows have been re-applied to this coach!

photograph by John Lewis.

ADB977763 (nearest camera) ex 70871 corridor first ex 428 (8028) and ADB 977764 ex-70866 corridor first ex 4TC 423 (8023). Both are still in NSE livery with their first class markings intact.

photograph by John Lewis.

4001 ADB 977685, formerly 70818 brake second corridor and ADB 977684 formerly 76282, the other driving trailer second from 407.

photograph by John Lewis.

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