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On this page is information concerning Eurostar that is separate from the Class 373 Emus.

Eurostar has a number of barrier wagons kept on standby at various places round the system in case a Eurostar train has to be loco hauled. These barrier wagons were converted from BR type GUV underframes and are fitted with B4 bogies and have a Scharfenberg coupler at one end.

The photograph below shows 6387 (now numbered 96387) at Clapham Junction on 23rd May 1996 without the cover on its Scharfenberg coupler. In use the coupler is lowered to a horizontal position.

Barrier Wagon

photograph by John Lewis

Barrier Wagon This photograph shows the end of Eurostar barrier wagon 6383 (now 96383) as normally running with the coupler covered. Clapham Junction. October 1996.

photograph by John Lewis

This picture shows one of European Passenger Service's fleet of class 37/6 locos on standby at Clapham Junction with a barrier vehicle. Normally these work in pairs with the locos coupled together as shown. 37607 has since been taken over by Direct Rail Services.

photograph by John Lewis

Barrier Wagons And this one shows a couple of class 37 diesels with barrier wagons in tow at Clapham Junction on 15th March 2003.

photograph by Richard A

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