5 Wes (Class 442)

442 underframe
The underframes of the trailer cars are basically as for any Mk3 coach but the MBLS underframe carries the traction equipment. Both sides of an MBLS are illustrated here.  Above on unit 2404 car 62939. The equipment groups left to right are (thought to be) rear of air-conditioning unit, circuit breakers, camshafts and switchgear.  Below on unit 2402 car 62938, where the equipment groups left to right are weak field resistances, EP brake unit, starting resistances, auxiliary equipment case and air-conditioning unit.
442 underframe
442 power bogie
The MBLS has two motor bogies providing four traction motors - the motors being recycled from 4 Rep units.  This is clearly one of the motor bogies of unit 2402.
442 pickup
A trailer bogie with shoebeam and pickup shoe. Pickups are fitted to the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th bogies in the formation, that is to the bogies under both driving cabs and on the bogies of the TS and TSW next to the MBLS.
442 bogie
A trailer bogie without pickup.  This can positively be identified as the inner bogie of the DTC of unit 2402

photographs by Colin Duff

A first class compartment in 2409. All these compartments have 3+3 seating and before smoking was banned there was just one compartment provided for smokers.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

First class
Lounge area The lounge area of 2409 which is sandwiched between the guard's compartment/van and the buffet bar. This was a smoking area in all class 442 units.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

A second class open saloon taken in a driving trailer. Seating is mostly airline style with some tables in the middle section. Gangways have always been a problem on these units.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

Second class
First class A small first class open area is situated behind the driving cab in all class 442 units. This photograph was taken in 2409.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

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