5 Wes (Class 442)

442s at Bournemouth Wessex Electric units in their element - a 10 car formation in platform 2 (up) and 5 car in platform 3 (down) under the magnificently restored overall roof at Bournemouth on 28th April 2001.

photograph by Colin Duff

Most of the remaining photographs on these pages consist of a collection of detail shots intended to be of use to enthusiasts and modellers alike.  Most were taken by Colin Duff on various class 442 units at Bournemouth on 28th April 2001.
442 roof Roof details.  On the left looking from the TS towards the DTC of one unit and then onto another 5 car unit.  On the right down at the MBLS, the additional hatches being above the buffet servery. 442 roof
The roof hatches above most car ends - these being typical of coaches of Mk3 construction. 442 roof
2422 2422 formed the 4:09pm departure to Wareham from Eastleigh on 17th April 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff

442 connections Inter-car connections.

Left: The low level only connections seen between the DTC/DTS and DTS/MBLS.

Right: The high and low level connections seen between the MBLS/TSW and TSW/DTS.  The  connections on the other side of the unit appear to be almost a mirror image from one end of the unit to the other, i.e. low level only one side, high and low level on the other side of the corridor connection.

442 connections
442 connections However the MBLS has an additional socket on its end adjacent to the TSW.  This is for traction power within a depot where for safety reasons there are no conductor rails. A long jumper cable carrying the traction supply is connected to this socket.  This allows a unit to be moved by its own motors until a pickup shoe is connecting with the third rail.

photographs by Colin Duff

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