4Vep/3Vep/4Vop (Class 423)

Vep interior Interior of the trailer second 71130 of Vep 3582.

photograph by Colin Duff

A three seat bench in the trailer second 71130 of 423582. These seats are not at all well padded making a long journey in a Vep a none-too-comfortable occasion. Furthermore, if two people are sitting on one of these benches, woe betide them if someone even slightly overweight tries to sit in the middle!

photograph by Colin Duff

Vep seat
Vep Interior A view along the interior of vehicle 71130 of Vep 3582. 16th May 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff

The "op" (open plan) bit of a Vop, looking towards the original saloon and driving cab, seen here in car number 76706 of Vop 3909, under the "raft" at Victoria on 12th February 2004.

photograph by Colin Duff

3918 The view of the interior of VOP 3916. Note the long seating bays where the first class compartments used to be.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

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