4Vep/3Vep/4Vop (Class 423)

Connex Vep 423575 pictured at Tonbridge on 9th June 1999.

photograph by Michael Taylor

3519 SWT Vep 3519 on the Windsor lines at Clapham Junction on 13th October 1999.  The white semi circle in the extreme right above the unit is the "London Eye" wheel captured raised at its 60 degree position.

photograph by Colin Duff

On 22nd April 2002 South Central 4 Vep 3517 headed 3488 to form the 1338 East Grinstead to Victoria service, pictured here approaching Oxted 6 minutes late.

photograph by Colin Duff

3142 Connex Vep 3142 out of service departs at Ashford on 16th May 2002. The catenary has yet to receive wires.

photograph by Colin Duff

Illustrating the rebuilding of the area of the former cage area in the guard's van to form an additional two bay seating saloon. Above Vep 3077 pictured at Waterloo on 1st October 1988 shows the original configuration. Below can be seen the rebuilt area, left on unit 3404 and right on an unidentified unit, both at Clapham Junction on 8th April 2000.  Note that one has a ventilator in its window and the other does not.

photographs by Colin Duff

4 Vep 4 Vep
Vep bogie A Vep power bogie photographed on 19th October 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

Underframe (grid side) of the MBS of Vep 3495. Three Bridges 27th June 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff

Inter-car connections

Left: Inter-car connections between the B end of the MBS and the DTS of 4 Vop 3919. Three Bridges 27th June 2002.

Right: Inter-car connections between the TS and the A end of MBS of 4 Vop 3919. Three Bridges 27 June 2002.

photographs by Colin Duff

Inter-car connections

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