4Vep/3Vep/4Vop (Class 423)

4-Vep unit 7857 (now 3157) at Victoria in April 1986 when it was allocated to Ramsgate.

photograph by Jeffrey Lynn

7841 7841, the rear unit of an 8-car train, stops at Preston Park on a stopping service to Victoria.

photograph by Glen Woods

4 Vep 7839 is photographed in Network South East livery at Sheerness-on-Sea in 1987. The train has just arrived with an off-peak shuttle service from Sittingbourne and the motorman is walking to the southern end of the unit ready for the return journey. Through services run from Sheerness to London during peak hours using a spur to the branch from the main North Kent line.

photograph by Keith Harwood

4 Vep An unidentified 4Vep unit in original Network SouthEast livery and before the high intensity headlight had been fitted is seen at London Bridge on 28th August 1988 leading a 4 Cep unit from Hastings.

photograph by Colin Duff

Vep 3457 at Alton on 6th April 1991 striking an interesting contrast between the "toothpaste stripe" Network SoutEast livery and the traditional Southern Railway colours on the LSWR design footbridge leading to the Mid-Hants Railway platform.

photograph by Colin Duff

3419 Cab side detail illustrated by the side of DTC car 76266 of unit 423419.

photograph by Tony Galiani

Another South West Trains 4 Vep, this time 3560, passing Vauxhall with a down Portsmouth service in January 1999.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

4 Vep Connex 423489 at London Bridge low level in January 1999. Note the window bars fitted to the doors for working in tunnels of restricted width on the Hastings line.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

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