4 Cig/Big & 3 Cop (Class 421/422)

1735 4 Cig unit 1735 approaching Hampden Park on a coastway service in April 1991 at the time of the Eastbourne resignalling. Note the new colour light signal already in place beyond the sempahore signal.

photograph by Mark Westcott

Before becoming 3 Cops these 4 Big units were simply renumbered into the 14xx series and ran for a short while with their buffet cars used as ordinary coaches.
4 Big 3 Cop
Now you see it .... now you don't!
1408 (ex-2261) in Network SouthEast livery seen leaving Chichester on 5th December 1997 with the buffet car still in the unit. 1403 (ex-2203) at Brighton on 7th February 1998 without the buffet car and in Connex SouthCentral livery.

photographs by John Lewis

Unit 1312 pictured here working a semi-fast Portsmouth Harbour service at Clapham Junction during January 1999 shows non standard Cep style hopper windows in its first two compartments.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

4 Cig A South West Trains 4 Cig still in NSE livery seen in the Egham area during June 1999.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

Connex Cig 1719 is seen here at Berwick bound for Eastbourne on 10th June 1999. Upper quadrant semaphore signals are still in use.

photograph by Michael Taylor

1704 Connex 4 Cig 1704 is displaying the broad yellow first class stripe on its roof at Clapham Junction on 13th October 1999.

photograph by Colin Duff

Unlike the previous unit 1907 still has the original Connex SouthCentral branding, also seen at Clapham Junction on 13th October 1999.

photograph by Colin Duff

1880 South West Trains unit 1880 working a Portsmouth Harbour semi-fast service is pictured leaning into the curve (albeit slightly exaggerated by the wide angle lens) at Clapham Junction on 8th April 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

Although they only haa a year or so of life left Cigs were repainted into the new South Central green livery. Here is fly-blown South Central Cig 1740 in the new livery at Hastings on 16th May 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff


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