4 Cap - Class 413

In 1982 the 2-Hap units based at Brighton were permanently coupled in pairs, making them into four-car sets and re-classified as 4 Cap (for 'Coastway'). The luggage compartments were at the inner end of each combination, making it easier for Post Office staff to load and unload, knowing in advance where to position their trolleys. The first-class accommodation was downgraded to second, and some modifications were made to the couplings, driving controls at the inner ends and to one of the two guards' vans. The toilets were retained. Whilst still in overall blue and blue/grey livery the intermediate cab ends remained yellow but they became black when repainted into Network SouthEast colours, and there was no upsweep of the stripes in the middle of the 4 car unit.

The Caps were eventually transferred to the Eastern Division, with the first-class seating reinstated, until withdrawal.

413/2 unit 3203 at Waterloo East in November 1993, in NSE livery.

photograph by John Lewis

4-Cap 413/2 units had their luggage vans in the centre of the unit, and this photo shows coach 65395 of unit 3203, with its blue painted end, at Waterloo East in November 1993, in NSE livery - note the "Kent Link" logo. Note the "continuous" stripes.

photograph by John Lewis

The class was divided into two subclasses which, by the time these photographs were taken, had become class 413/2 and 413/3.

Class 413/2 comprised units 3201-11 and were formed DTC+MBSO+MLSO+DTC.
Class 413/3 was:-
    (a) units 3301-11 and were also formed DTC+MBSO+MLSO+DTC.but had later electrical equipment and
    (b) a later batch 3321-3325 which were formed DMBSO+DTC+DTC+DMBSO.
    These also had the later electrical equipment but had the DTC ex-driving ends still painted yellow.

The second batch of 413 units, 413/3, were formed with their luggage vans at the outer ends of the units, but what had been the driving trailers of the 2 HAPs in the middle of the unit retained their yellow ends. This photo shows coach 75415 of unit 3322 in NSE livery at London Bridge (Eastern), December 1993.

photograph by John Lewis

4-Cap Outer end of class 413/3 unit 3322 at London Bridge (Eastern), December 1993, in NSE "Kent Link"livery.

photograph by John Lewis

Class 413/3 unit 3325 at Stewarts Lane sidings, January 1995.

photograph by John Lewis

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