Class 376 "Electrostar"

The Class 376 is an inner suburban variant of the Electrostar EMU family. Thirty six 5 car units originally ordered by Connex for services between Victoria, Charing Cross Blackfriars and Cannon Street, and Hayes, Orpington, Swanley and Greenhithe entered service with South Eastern Trains. They replaced Class 465 & 466 Networkers on inner suburban workings. (The Networkers had hitherto been working both inner and outer suburban services but experience showed that they were more suited to the latter.) A fully loaded pair of 376s carry 1440 passengers, 100 more than a 10 car Networker formation. However, with their interiors being especially designed for shorter workings the majority of these passengers are standing or in tip-up or "perch" seats - there being only 432 "proper" seats in a ten car formation.
Publicity 376002
A leaflet issued by South Eastern Trains extolling the virtues of their new inner suburban units.

photograph by Colin Duff

376002 was on display at Cannon Street station from 10th-12th August 2004 for passengers to view, with South Eastern Trains publicity operations and engineering staff on hand to show off their new toy!

photograph by John Lewis

Although electrically very similar to the Electrostar Class 375 & 377 units, as mentioned above being specified for inner suburban workings there are some significant differences to their bodywork and passenger accommodation. There are no end gangways although gangways within the units will be wider. The cab fronts have a three piece windscreen and were to a new design, being more vertical than existing non-gangwayed Electro/Turbostar fronts. To aid rapid loading and unloading the doors are 200mm wider and slide into the bodyside. These doors lead to wide vestibules, seating is to a 2+2 facing and unidirectional pattern to provide wide gangways and grab rails for standing passengers are prolific. Seat cushions are thinner though the resulting thinner seat profile does provide slightly more legroom. To reflect regular opening of the large doors these units are not air conditioned but instead have pressure ventilation, though the driver's cabs do have air conditioning. Fitting of air conditioning was technically possible in the future since pressure ventilation and air conditioning units take up the same amount of apparatus space. There are no toilets although SET trains have promised to compensate for this by having more toilets on stations. Passengers will be hoping they will be able to keep these open and working!
376002 These units have an open area at the ends of the units for wheelchairs, cycles etc. The end passenger doors have this blue marking over them as well as the usual wheelchair symbols, possibly for identification.

photograph by John Lewis

Each car is built to a nominal 20m length. Units are formed DMSO-MSO-TSO-MSO-DMSO and have a total of eight 200kW traction motors. Units are numbered 376001-376036. 376002 was unveiled to passenger groups and the railway press at Derby on 20th April 20 2004. At this time 376001 was full of test equipment. The first deliveries to SET were due to be towards the middle of May and all thirty six units were due to be delivered to SET by the end of the year.
376002 Left: One pair of the passenger doors for the rest of the unit. All the doors fitted to these units are 200mm wider than the doors used on previous Electrostar/Turbostar units.

Right: The door openings are wide to allow rapid loading/unloading on busy inner suburban services. Note the low-down high intensity LED light.

photographs by Colin Duff

Close up of the cab front of 376002 displayed in platform 2 at Cannon Street station on 12th August 2004. SET staff claim the only thing idiot train surfers can hold onto are the large windscreen wiper assemblies!

photograph by Colin Duff

376002 As with most modern units this incarnation of the Electrostar range has a pantograph well should the unit ever require conversion to overhead pickup.

photograph by Colin Duff

The interior of the cab of a 376 unit showing the driver's position.

photograph by Colin Duff


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