Class 325


photograph by Michael Taylor

Unit 325015 with PMV 68354 & DTV 68328 at the rear, rushes through Peckham Rye bound for Clapham Junction and points North. 22nd September 2000.

The Royal Mail Class 325 units were built in 1995 by ABB in Derby.

They are 4 car units consisting of:

DTV (Driving Trailer Van) -

PMV (Pantograph Motor Van) -

TAV (Trailer Auxiliary Equipment Van) -

DTV (Driving Trailer Van) -

These units are equipped to run on 25 kV 50 Hz a.c. overhead or 750 V d.c. 3rd rail.

325005 325005 passing in the down direction through Wandsworth Road at lunchtime on 18th July 2000

photograph by Colin Duff

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