Class 313

The class 313 EMU, though descended from the 2 and 4 Pep, is most definitely not a Southern EMU. These dual voltage (25kV ac overhead and 750V dc third rail) EMUs were first introduced in 1976 for the newly opened GN suburban services into Moorgate. The class subsequently replaced the MR class 501 EMUs on the dc suburban lines into Euston. Later they extended their operations to the North London Line and finally to a new Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction service. They even operated some WAGN services into Liverpool Street for a short while.

So why include them on the SEmG site? Tenuous connections and justification, but:

  • after class 501 operation on the North London line ceased and before this class was introduced Bulleid design 2 EPB EMUs, fitted with bars over windows which opened, operated the North London Line service
  • the southern part of the Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction route is over a former "joint" line in which the LSWR/SR owned a stake. See here for further details.
  • the Richmond to South Acton Junction portion of the North London line was formerly owned by the LSWR/SR. The station buildings at Kew Gardens are quintessential LSWR design, as were those at Gunnersbury before they were demolished in 1964 to make way for a horrid high rise office block development.
Unit 313008 is seen at Kensington Olympia in Network SouthEast livery.

photograph by John Lewis

313134 Unit 313134 is shown leaving Clapham Junction in Silverlink livery in December 1998.

photograph by John Lewis

The Silverlink Metro colour scheme is very much a matter of personal taste! Unit 313022 forms the 1:38pm Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction service on 8th June 1999.

photograph by Michael Taylor.

313022 313022 again, this time on a Richmond to Stratford service, approaching Gunnersbury Station on 14th June 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

313121 at South Acton station with a working to Richmond on 14th June 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

313116 313116 at Clapham Junction on 1st March 2003.

photograph by Richard A

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