Class 207

207203 207203 traversing England's green and pleasant land near Monks Lane crossing between Hurst Green and Edenbridge Town, when it was not so green and pleasant on a gloomy, grey and cold 12th February 2004!

photograph by Colin Duff

Illustrating the difference in width between the original Oxted unit car and the former Cep trailer in unit 207203. Also illustrating just how dirty SR units can get! Pictured at Uckfield on 12th February 2004

photograph by Colin Duff

207203 The TPWS gear under one cab of 207203
The leading (unpowered) bogie on the power car of 207017. The motor bogie is at the opposite end of the car to the motor to help equalise the weight along its length.

photograph by Michael Taylor

207017 Interior of the DMBS of 207017. Most seats are still in their original BR moquette although some cushions have been replaced with the later NSE blue fabric. 22nd April 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff

The interior of 207203's DMBS. This is one of three units that were refurbished in the early 1990s with fluorescent lightning, corridor connections to other cars and a door to the Guard's compartment.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

207010 207010, in Network SouthEast livery, being stripped for spares at St Leonards Depot.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

207202 Left: Inter-car connections between the TSL (left) and the DMBS (right) on 207202.

Right: Inter-car connections between the DTS (left) and the TSL (right) on 207202.

photographs by Colin Duff


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