Class 207

207202 as running on 16 April 1997, with the power car named "Brighton Royal Pavillion" and having car 60904 (ex-CEP) in the unit. Pictured in NSE livery leaving East Croydon.

photograph by John Lewis

In March 1994 the power cars from units 207010 and 207013 were coupled together and used as a tractor unit.

The picture above shows car 60135 from unit 207010.

The picture below shows car 60138 from unit 207013.
It had been named "Ajax" above the headcode indicator.

Both photographs taken at Clapham Junction.

photographs by John Lewis

207002 207002 formed a shuttle service between Victoria and Stewarts Lane depot during the open day there on 10th April 1988.

photograph by Colin Duff

3 car class 207/2 207202 pictured at Eastbourne station on 6th June 1999. Note again an ex 4Cep trailer as part of the formation.

photograph by Michael Taylor

207202 Even a humble DEMU is not immune from naming, as seen here on the side of the DMBSO of Connex unit 207202.

photograph by Michael Taylor

Sole (as in 2001) 2 car 3D 207017 pictured on the approaches to Hastings station on 21st September 2000.

photograph by Michael Taylor

207017 In this closer view 207017 is arriving at Hastings with a working from Ashford.

photograph by Michael Taylor

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