4 Pul

Delivery of new Cig and Big stock saw five of the displaced Pullman trailers from withdrawn 6 Pul units being used in 'new' 4 Pul units. Pullman cars, Clara, Gwladys, Elinor, Enid and Ethel were so used in units 3054, 3055, 3057, 3059 and 3061 respectively. Alice replaced Enid in 3059 from October 1964 and Lorna replaced Elinor in 3057 from February 1966. Used on the Brighton main line whilst awaiting delivery of further Cig and Big units, the 4 Puls were normally paired with a 4 Cor or 4 Cor(N) unit, although they were to be seen working with a 6 Pul.
4 Pul

Above and below: two 4 Pul units passing Tooting Common during 1963

photographs by Chris Knowles-Thomas

4 Pul

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