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The files on this page were uploaded by Tony Walmsley who would like to point out that the diagram content has been derived from CWNs so is as accurate as the source document, BUT that the actual diagram numbers are his own reference ones and he does not know what the official numbering arrangement was then.
1955 SX SED 2 Bil diagrams 666kb pdf file.
1966 4 Cor etc. diagrams 284kb pdf file.
1966 Express EP diagrams 534kb pdf file.
1966 SX SED Outer diagrams 1.537kb pdf file.
1966 SX Bil, Hal & Lav Diagrams 2,156kb pdf file.
1966 SX Sub diagrams 1,679kb pdf file.
1966 SX SWD Hap/EPB diagrams 631kb pdf file.
1986 Mon-Fri Bep/Cig diagrams 284kb pdf file.
1986 4 TC/Rep diagrams 311kb pdf file.
1987 3 H diagrams 128kb pdf file.
1987 4 TC/Rep Sat diagrams 324kb pdf file.
1987 4 TC/Rep Sun diagrams 227kb pdf file.
1999 Winter SX Cig/Cop/Vep/Vop diagrams 1,257kb pdf file.
Hastings Units 1977-78 141kb pdf file.
SE Mon-Fri Diagrams 1977 5,210kb pdf file.

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