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This section of the website contains files originally posted by members to the Files Area on Yahoo!
Thay are presented "as is", if one or more were your posting(s) and you would care to add a little more information about the file, then please email your NB. Some of these files tend to be larger than those in the main part of the web site!
Some Multiple Unit diagrams by Tony Walmsley
4 Bep plans 156kb jpg file.
4 Cep plans 129kb jpg file.
4 Cor sets 866-891 1952-66 83kb PDF document.
700 Class drawing 60kb jpg file.
BR Design Handbook 4.76mb PDF document.
BR MkI SO/TSO/TTOs list 8kb PDF document.
Please note that Mark Brinton's Mk1 carriage documents have been updated and can be found here 857kb PDF document
and his NPCCS files can be found here 190kb PDF document and here 220kb PDF document.
BR SR Push Pull Sets list 26kb PDF document.
Buckeye Coupler diagram. 327kb jpg file.
Bulleid '6 Dining' Set list. 82kb PDF document.
Camping Coaches 30 July 1960. 8kb PDF document.
Canterbury & Whitstable Railways. A selection of images from publications and details of the tunnel:
        Canterbury Station, 1846 56kb jpg file.
        C and W Map 96kb jpg file.
        C and W Train, 1830 106kb jpg file.
        C and W Train, 1830 102kb jpg file.
        SR Train 90kb jpg file.
        Tyler Hill Tunnel 67kb doc file.
Condensed Bulleid - an article about the Great Man by Mark Thomas. 37kb doc file.
DC Kits BR(S) MkI Bachmann Overlays list. 9kb PDF document.
Early BR Plum & Spilt Milk Livery notes. 8kb PDF document.
Final working from Croydon "A" sidings. 1.64mb PDF document.
Hamworthy Junction 159kb jpg file.
Hamworthy Junction 156kb jpg file.
Hamworthy Junction 174kb jpg file.
Hamworthy Junction 167kb jpg file.
Hamworthy Junction 166kb jpg file.
Hastings Units 1977-78 44kb xls file.
Mike King Drawings 62 kb RTF file.
Postals May 1948-Sep 1950 45kb xls file.
Pullman Camping Coach list 38kb PDF document.
PushPull Allocations 21 Sep 1931 32kb xls file.
Q1 quartering - left hand side 27kb jpg file.
Q1 quartering - right hand side 22kb jpg file.
SE Mon-Fri Diagrams 1977 1.0mb xls file.
SR Gate Stock 35kb jpg (brass model).
SR Gate Stock 59kb jpg (brass model).
SR Gate Stock 70kb jpg (brass model).
SR Gate Stock Set & Loose chronologies, 109kb PDF document.
SR Gate Stock Individual coach chronologies, 26kb PDF document.
SR Gate Stock Set & Loose progressive list, 44kb PDF document.
SR Three Link Coupling diagram 275kb jpg file.
Underframes. A series of interesting articles by Mark Brinton:
        1963 Stock Underframe Equipment 956kb PDF document.
        1963 Stock Class 421 Photo Survey 290kb PDF document.
        1951 BR Stock Suburban Underframe Equipment 517kb PDF document.
        1957 Stock Underframe Equipment 1.2mb PDF document.
        1957 Stock Class 411/5 594kb PDF document.
        1936 Stock De-icer Photo Survey 560kb PDF document.
        1936 Stock De-icer Underframe Equipment 750kb PDF document.
        1951 BR Stock De-icer 307kb PDF document.
        1957 Stock Underframe Equipment MLV 327kb PDF document.
        1951 SR Stock Suburban Underframe Equipment 902kb PDF document.
USA Tank diagram 68kb jpg file.
PAL Video clip of Cathedrals Express. (1.52mB)

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