Class 73

The front end of preserved class JA NºE6003 whilst stabled at Loughborough Station, Great Central Railway, pictured from an adjacent stationary train on 28th June 2003.

photograph by Colin Duff

E6003 The nameplate carried by NºE6003. Some might query whether a humble electro-diesel is a fitting loco to honour the legendary General Manager of the Southern Railway. However Sir Herbert was a successful, creative, adaptable and pragmatic man and one cannot help thinking that had he still be managing the railway in the 1960s he would have sponsored such a successful adaptable loco class that has well proved itself by being long lived.

photograph by Colin Duff

Another view of the driving controls in the cab, this time of of NºE6003. A volunteer working on the loco at the time obligingly opened the cab window so this photograph could be taken from the adjacent stationary train.

photograph by Colin Duff


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Modern Railways' March 1967 article on these engines

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