Class 73

73133 The second owner of the name The Bluebell Railway Nº73133 is seen at a Wimbledon depot open day.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

The Bluebell Railway, now in Mainline livery, on display at Old Oak Common on 6th August 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

Class 73 On Friday, 2nd July 2004 Nº73204 and Nº73205 were at Eastleigh to work the 6Z13 ballast train from Eastleigh to Kew, with the return journey from Feltham to Eastleigh the following day. The Crompton (33103) was there for "insurance" against the failure of one of the 73s!

photograph by Stewart Watt

A close-up view of Nº73204 in its shiny new GB Railfreight livery .....

photograph by Stewart Watt

73205 ..... and of Nº73205. Both of these locomotives were formerly used for the Gatwick Express service.

photograph by Stewart Watt

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Modern Railways' March 1967 article on these engines

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