Class 73

A number of 73s have been named and some later de-named. As for liveries - it is inevitable in such a long lived class that a wide range of liveries have been carried reflecting the changing colour schemes over the years. However the 73s have also had some liveries of their own. For modelling and historical research purposes you are strongly advised to seek documentary and pictorial evidence of your chosen locomotive(s) at chosen dates. The JAs were out-shopped in green with small yellow warning panels although soon the warning panels were removed for a time and a light coloured band applied at solebar level, then the warning panels were later reapplied. As to the shade of green and the light coloured band be warned published accounts vary. The green has been described as Brunswick Green or a lighter shade being either malachite or BR(S) coaching stock green. The light coloured band has been described as grey or light green. Photographic evidence indicates the JAs wore light green with a grey band. The shade of green is likely to be that also carried by the class 71s and one thing is for sure is that the JAs carried the coach roundel rather than the BR emblem. The JBs were initially painted in the pleasant "electric" blue - as also worn by the contemporary AC electrics - with a light grey band at solebar level and small yellow warning panels. Published accounts are inconclusive whether all JBs were out-shopped in electric blue or just the early ones. Thereafter the warning panels became full height and the whole fleet had succumbed to overall blue BR corporate livery by 1970. Thereafter, but with some variations on individual locomotives, the class has worn a procession of "large logo" blue, original Intercity, revised Intercity "Swallow" livery (Gatwick Express 73s only), Gatwick Express Livery, departmental overall grey, departmental "Dutch" livery, Pullman chocolate and cream, Eurostar two tone grey with blue roof, Mainline Freight blue, EWS red and gold, Network SouthEast overall blue, full Network SouthEast colours, Merseyrail yellow and South West Trains livery.

Most of the class have been withdrawn although EWS has a number stored. 73003 has been preserved by the Electro-Diesel Group and runs on the Lavender Line in Sussex. Merseyrail sold 73004 to the EDL group to be scrapped for parts to maintain 73003. 73111 was scrapped some time ago whilst still in overall blue livery. Unfortunately with the replacement of Gatwick Express push pull working by class 460 EMUs and the preference for diesel-electric traction for freight working even on electrified lines means the days of this highly useful flexible (if unsung) class were numbered. However 73202 has been retained by Gatwick Express and it has had its draw gear converted to be able to rescue disabled class 460 units.

Nº73207 at Gatwick Airport on 12th May 2000. Note how the Intercity livery has been modified by Gatwick Express with silver grey replacing executive light grey and the red band being narrower and of a darker shade.

photograph by Colin Duff

732210+35 Our third picture of double headed 73s, in this case most likely to be due to the failure of the inner locomotive on this Gatwick Express working. Nº73110 plus Nº73235 were also at Gatwick Airport on 12th May 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

The first member of the 73/2 sub class Nº73201 (formerly the Royal EDL and Battersea fire victim Nº73142 Broadlands) propelling a Gatwick Express service out of Gatwick Airport to Victoria on 12th May 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

73108 Nº73108 in "Dutch" livery at Victoria on 29th January 2000 awaiting the delayed stock for Hertfordshire Railtours' "Southampton Docker" tour.

photograph by Colin Duff

Another "Dutch" liveried EDL Nº73110 is double heading with Mainline liveried 73136 on part of the Pathfinder Tours' Southern Suburban tour approaching Clapham Junction on 22nd February 2001.

photograph by Colin Duff


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Modern Railways' March 1967 article on these engines

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