As you will be aware, this site is completely free, and is operated as a non subscription, not for profit entity. Membership is free, and anyone is free to become a member. However this does not mean that costs are not incurred. The webspace, domain name and hosting still have to be paid for, and it is only by the generosity of the SEmG's members and non-members that it can continue to exist, and be one of the largest single sources of Southern Railway resources on the Internet. Even the current treasurer has made some moths hungry by contributing!

In all seriousness, if you would like to make a much appreciated contribution to help assure the future of this website, please click on the button below. The donation is made though PayPal, but you do not need to hold an account with them. The transaction can be made from a PayPal account, or using a credit or debit card, and is made through a secure, encrypted connection.

If you do not have a PayPal account, and are unwilling to use your card over the internet, then you may like to donate by online banking or by paying in over a bank counter to the SEmG deposit account. Details are:

Sainsbury's Bank, Sort Code: 12-60-50, Account number: 04637760

If making a payment this way please enter your name in the reference field and send an e-mail to: Peter Richards so that we know to expect your payment.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any free gifts in return for your donation, but we can promise that no salesman will call, and unless you do not wish it to, your name will show in our list of supporters as our way of saying thanks for helping keep this website available to all our visitors.

The SEmG team would like to pass on its thanks to the following people for their generosity, without which this site would not exist:

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