Class 57

The 13 member class (12 of 57/0 & 1 of 57/6) are re-engined class 47 Co-Co locomotives which were originally built from 1965 onwards by Brush Traction of Loughborough. They were rebuilt starting in 1997 by Brush using General Motors 645-12E3 2500 h.p. diesel engines.

The first 12 locomotives (class 57/0) are owned and operated by Freightliner. As they are intended for single engine freight working they are not fitted with ETH or capable of multiple working. The top speed of the class is 75 m.p.h.

57001 ex-47356 Freightliner Pioneer 57007 ex-47332 Freightliner Bond
57002 ex-47322 Freightliner Phoenix 57008 ex-47060 Freightliner Explorer
57003 ex-47317 Freightliner Evolution 57009 ex-47079 Freightliner Venturer
57004 ex-47347 Freightliner Quality 57010 ex-47231 Freightliner Crusader
57005 ex-47350 Freightliner Excellence 57011 ex-47329 Freightliner Challenger
57006 ex-47187 Freightliner Reliance 57012 ex-47204 Freightliner Envoy
57601 ex-47825  
57007 Left and below.
Two views of 57007 Freightliner Bond ex-47332 passes Basingstoke on Monday 18th September 2000, on an up working at 1:07 p.m..
The first three photographs are by Michael Taylor 57007
57002 57002 Freightliner Phoenix ex-47322 passes Basingstoke on Monday 18th September 2000, with another up working at 2:30pm.
57004 Freightliner Quality leading a southbound shipping container service pauses in platform 2 at Eastleigh station on the murky morning of 21st March 2001 to change crew. The train has crossed over from the down fast to the down slow line shortly before the north end of the platform to do this but the tail end of the long formation is still on the down main, thus this operation is blocking both down lines.

Photo by Colin Duff

The thirteenth member of the class is a speculative build with Brush working in co-operation with lessors Porterbrook to test the market for a passenger 57. Porterbrook's off lease 47825 was converted and emerged as 57601. It is fitted with a modified class 56 alternator to provide the ETS (electrical train supply) although given the US origin of it prime mover it is also increasingly referred to as HEP (head end power). The output of the alternator can supply 500kW (ETS index 10) the highest of an diesel locomotive in the UK.

The front end is also different to the class 47 and 57/0s with the former headcode panel removed and Railtrack standard triangulation headlights and marker light clusters are fitted. It was unveiled on 26th March 2001 in a modified Porterbrook livery of silver, mauve yellow and black but most striking of all are its full height silhouette style numerals on the body sides.

Ironically it was placed on hire to Freightliner heavy haul working its first service on 13th April. Although it is not fitted with sanding equipment for freight work the plumbing is there to make retro fitting easy. From May it has been on hire to First Great Western.

Porterbrook and Brush are hoping there may be a small market for passenger 57s - sub class 57/6 - as replacements for class 47s for remaining passenger hauled services, "Thunderbird" duties (where its ETS rating will be very useful) and also for spot hire.

On the freight side Freightliner's orders for more GM class 66s - 12 in April 2001 and a further 17 in May 2001 taking their total of the class to 59 - effectively spelled the end of the 57/0 programme.

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