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With a type as long-lived and as adaptable as the Class 47 the complete and definitive history is long and very detailed so it is not possible to cover the 47s in more than a brief overview here. Since 47s have never been used on the Southern as much as on other regions this will also concentrate our coverage.

The Brush type 4/class 47 is, put simply, THE definitive post modernisation plan/second generation mixed traffic diesel electric locomotive and the certainly the only type produced in a large quantity. Despite problems that have dogged the class throughout its service life the fact that they are still in service in quantity (still greater than newer classes including - just, but not for much longer - the class 66) almost 40 years after their first introduction has to be a measure of their success.

An unidentified class 47 crossing over the West of England lines at Worting Junction on 10th September 1966 with an up service from the Southampton Line.

photograph by Keith Harwood

47 at Worting
D1925 Still in green livery but by now carrying pre-TOPs numbering without the D prefix, 1925 was photographed in June 1973 well off the Southern Region in Swansea. However for our Southern connection this engine was among a small number of type 4s allocated to Eastleigh between December 1966 and December 1968. This loco is still in service, its current identity being 47789.

photograph by Michael Taylor.

Nº47507 photographed on 12th July 1975 between Old Kew Junction and Kew East Junction with the 10:35 a.m. Portsmouth Harbour to Sheffield service.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft.

47 at Brighton A class 47 captured on camera during February 1984 whilst shunting in Brighton and about to haul the Brighton - Manchester train.

photograph by Mark Westcott

Nº47476 trundles through Chartham in Kent en route to Ashford Down Yard with the empty stock off the overnight postal train from Manchester Piccadilly. August 1989.

photograph by John Horton

NSE Class 47 An unidentified Network SouthEast-liveried class 47 with the Saturdays Only Manchester - Eastbourne service, taken as it passes Berwick at speed in the late summer of 1991.

photograph by Mark Westcott

A Railfreight Distribution sub sector liveried example, this being Nº47335 pictured stabled at Eastleigh on 7th December 1991.

photograph by Colin Duff

47716 47716 was named Duke of Edinburgh's Award by the Duke at Edinburgh's Waverley Station on 1st July 1985. This particular loco was de-named in April 1994 though the name was transferred later in the year back to another Scotrail 47 - 47727.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

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