Class 04 Diesel Mechanical Shunting Locomotive

Five years after the class 03 diesel shunters made their debut along came the Drewry class 4s in 1952. In all 15 were built which were all finished in standard BR black and numbered 11100-11103 and 11105-11115, but what became of 11104? Further locos were built in subsequent years by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Ltd making a large class of over 300 locomotives that were to be found working over a wide area of British Railways. Some even had deep skirts attached so that they could work the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway. In later years many were sold off for industrial use by the likes of the Derwent Valley Light Railway and the Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority.

As with the 03s, the 04s were powered by a Gardner 8L3 diesel engine rated at 204 bhp with drive through a fluid flywheel, but with five speed epicyclic gearboxes. Only one cab is provided, which stands out above the low bonnet covering the engine and equipment. The roof is more angular than the 03s, with a very obvious over-hang, making identification of the two very similar classes very easy.

An unidentified class 04 shunting at Eastleigh. Note the different shaped cab roof when compared with the class 03.

photograph by Ray Soper


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