SR/BR(S) Coach Sets

The information on this page is not intended to be chapter and verse on this most intricate of topics, but is an indication of the composition of various coach sets at particular times. The page is collated from the member's files area and draws heavily on information supplied by Glen Woods, with information in David Gould's "Maunsell's SR Steam Passenger Stock 1923-1939", Mike King's "Southern Pull-Push Stock" and additional information from John Arkell and Mike Watts. It is not complete, indeed it may never be, but is an on-going project to provide information on sets to the Southern enthusiast and modeller alike. Where a coach number is followed by another number in brackets, then this is that coach's previous number. Where a tilde has replaced a number this is because the coach concerned could be changed (e.g. as with RMBs). The dates are not intended to define changes in the sets but merely an anchor in time for when they were constituted as shown. They may well have remained unchanged for a number of years before or after the date shown.
Don't forget - third class was abolished in 1956, becoming second class, subsequently standard class. No separate entry has been made for this change as it would add unecessarily to the file size so please remember that from 1956 anything that is still showing as 'T' has become 'S', e.g. BTK becomes BSK. The new notation is used next time there is a tangible change for a set.
A start has been made on classifying sets as:
Articulared (Art),
Ex-LSWR 'Block' Sets (Block),
Ex-LSWR Vestibule (LV),
Ex-LSWR Corridor Sets (LC),
Ex-LSWR Non-corridor Sets (LNC),
Ex-LBSC 'Balloon' (Bal)
Ex-LBSC Arc-Roofed (Arc)
1924 Maunsell (EM),
1925+ Maunsell (M),
Bulleid (B)
BR Mark I (MkI)
or a mixture where this occurred.
Pull-Push sets shown are designated PP
A few sets show either/or coach numbers (e.g. 426 and 429 of 1931). This is where we know a coach was removed from a set, but do not know which one was removed!
If you find any errors in this information, or have some information that is missing from this page, please advise the webmaster . Thank you.
This information may be viewed or downloaded in text or downloaded in spreadsheet form as you wish:
Text file which will display the information in your browser, or may be downloaded and saved.
MS Excel 97/2000/XP file to download and save.

Use your search (Ctrl+F) facility to find things in the text file, or if you download and save the spreadsheet file you may then make a simple database sort to identify whatever interest you require.

The Area Field does have some seriously abbreviated entries to save on typing and/or width, below is the key to all these abbreviations:
Bas - Basingstoke
Bex - Bexhill
B'ham - Birmingham
B'heath - Blackheath
Bmth - Bournemouth
BmthW - Bournemouth West
Bog - Bognor
Bton (or Btn) - Brighton
Can St - Cannon Street
Chich - Chichester
DVR - Dover
Hast - Hastings
EG - East Grinstead
Ebne or Ebourne - Eastbourne
Exmth - Exmouth
Folk - Folkestone
Hast (or Has) - Hastings
LB - London Bridge
Ldn - London
L'ton - Littlehampton
Lym - Lymington
Mar - Margate
Nhvn - Newhaven
Nhvn BT - Newhaven Boat Train
OthThruServs - Other through services
Plym - Plymouth
Pmth - Portsmouth
Ram or Rams - Ramsgate
Read - Reading
Ryl Wes - Royal Wessex
Sal (or Salis) - Salisbury
Sidmth - Sidmouth
So'ton - Southampton
Swan - Swanage
Ton - Tonbridge
TWW - Tunbridge Wells West
Vic - Victoria
Wat - Waterloo
Wey - Weymouth
WeyQuay - Weymouth Quay
Wim - Wimborne
WofE - West of England
Wthg - Worthing

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