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BR used to run an up train for Post Office purposes that called at East Croydon in the early evening. These photographs, showing some of the vans and liveries that were used, were taken at East Croydon in the early 1990s. The train was normally hauled by a class 33 or a class 47, although on at least one occasion a class 73 was used.
A full brake coded NEX with B4 bogies and allowed to travel at 100mph. Originally it was 80856 and was later (by the end of 1994) renumbered 92902, so that its number did not conflict with a class 92 loco. Seen here in InterCity "Executive" livery. Note that the orange stripe below the gutter has not been continued round the end.

photograph by John Lewis

92223 Another 100 mph NEX full brake with B4 bogies, but this time in blue and grey livery, again with the orange stripe which has not been continued round the end. For some reason (perhaps a hot day?) the guard's door has been left open. Originally 80932, later 92223.

photograph by John Lewis

A full brake in red, with double yellow stripes low down on the bodyside, incorporating BR arrows. Some of these vans carried the Post Office logo, but that is not the case with this one.

photograph by John Lewis

Red BG
93881 93881 was built as a "GUV" - General Utility Van - but is seen here classified as NJV. It is in plain blue livery.

photograph by John Lewis

Another NJV general utility van, but this time in the red livery with yellow stripes. The picture also includes a full brake in plain blue.

photograph by John Lewis


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