Plymouth Devonport & South Western Junction Railway Luggage Labels

by Mike Morant
It seems that no matter how small and obscure a railway was it stiil had luggage labels, often aesthetically pleasing, and the PDSWJR was no exception. However, also the case with these smaller operations,few labels have survived. For those are what are described in these pages, surviving labels as nobody knows the true extent of what was actually produced.

The PDSWJR was operated by the LSWR from its inception and the label designs are a reflection of that influence albeit arguably more attractive in their appearance. The plain white labels to destinations (as opposed to routing labels) are unusual insofar as the railway title is folowed by a subtitle on the next line. This subtitle, (Bere Alston & E. Cornwall Line), is perhaps a grandiose description for such a small operation but is actually a true reflection of its ambitions or lack thereof.

P31 to exeter St. David's Although mention is made above of the LSWR influence in label design this example to Exeter (St. Davids) is actually quite a different shape from the LSWR varieties as can be seen by comparing it with the next example. There are four surviving destinations known for this type of label.
This example to St Budeaux is the only known 'home' destination that's survived on PDSWJR labels. Note the LSWR shape, the additiopn of a stock number and the change of typefaces when compared with the previous example. this also the only known label of this type. P32 to St. Budeaux
P3x Routing GNR Although PDSWJR labels are both scarce and greatly sought after this example of a routing label to the Gt. Northern Ry is relatively common and therefore easy to obtain. The design is virtually identical to that used by the LSWR although the stock number intrigues as that is pure LBSCR of all things which suggests that this label was perhaps produced around the time of the grouping.

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