Miscellaneous Southern Artefacts
Brockenhurst and Eastleigh Swing Bridges

When Brockenhurst station was enlarged at the time of the building of the Brockenhurst to Christchurch line in 1888 new loop lines were built with a new ticket office and waiting rooms on the outside of this arrangement. A rather unusual swing bridge was provided giving access from these buildings to platform 1. Originally intended as a trolley route, it is also used for disabled passengers and, occasionally, students of Brockenhurst College. This swing bridge was replaced on 24th January 2010.
Brockenhurst Swing Bridge The bridge photographed from platform 1 and locked in the closed position. Photographed on 5th September 2009.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Another view of the bridge. The writing on the platform says, "MIND", presumably "THE GAP" followed but has now faded away!

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Brockenhurst Swing Bridge
Another swing bridge was at Eastleigh where it was used to convey barrows across the track, although it has long since been removed.
swing bridge The Eastleigh swing bridge pictured here on 3rd July 1977.

photograph by Andrew Babbs

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