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The buffer stop is a lowly piece of railway equipment, but no less important than other, more exotic, items. Its basic function is, after all, to try to prevent vehicles running off the end of a line. The success or otherwise of this aim all depends on how hard they are hit!
Buffer Stop This interesting and most unusual example was to be found at Watergate Halt (originally Watergate Siding) on the grandly named North Devon and Cornwall Junction Railway between Halwill and Torrington. There was a small halt here, long enough for one coach, situated to the left, just out of this photograph, and this single siding which was used by the occasional wagon for a local farmer. Installed when the line was built by Colonel Stephens in 1925, the siding and its buffer stop were removed shortly after it was closed to public traffic on 2 May 1960.

photograph by Stephen Hughes, courtesy of Terry Heeley

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