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The railways needed to convey a lot of information to their passengers, staff (or other people using the railway's property) which they frequently did by means of a prominently displayed board. Such items might be the station name, the location of the ticket office, parcels office, lavatories and etc. These were usually made either from wood, cast metal or, more normally in recent times, enamel and would be hung from a canopy or other support, fixed to a wall or, perhaps, stand on its own support(s).
One of the more unusual notices is this enamel one that was placed by the British Transport Commission alongside the road opposite Barcombe Mills station. This sign is still extant in 2003, many years after the closure and lifting of the railway!

photograph by Glen Woods

Barcombe Mills Notice
Third Rail Warning This enamel sign is a warning to railway staff on the front of Horsted Keynes Signalbox and is a replica of the one that was there when the electric service from Haywards Heath was in operation. There are those who would like to see it used for real once more!

photograph by Peter Richards

Despite take-overs and mergers of railway companies over the years many original signs still exist and this cast metal sign, having been of use to the Isle of Wight Railway, the Southern Railway and British Railways, is today in use with the preserved Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

photograph by Mike Gale Jr.

IoW Railway notice
Third Rail Warning More warnings for the third rail! The larger sign was displayed for the benefit of the station staff immediately prior to energizing the conductor rails through Brockenhurst station. Interesting to note that it would be almost six months before the regular electric services ran.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Warnings to people not to trespass were, perhaps, the most frequently found signs. This one, made for the Kent and East Sussex Railway, is thought to have been on the road up the hill from Rolvenden to Tenterden.

photograph: G.W.Morant/Mike Morant collection

IoW Railway notice
Third Rail Warning A warning to staff not to leave wagon doors propped, which Notice reads:

THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY give notice that propping up or otherwise fixing Wagon Doors for the support of Coal Weighing Machines, or for loading or unloading, or for any other purpose is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in their yards or Sidings, and that if any accident shall happen during shunting or otherwise, IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE WAGON DOORS BEING USED FOR SUCH PURPOSES, THE COMPANY WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE THAT MAY BE DONE.

The Company's agents have authority to take such steps as may be necessary to enforce the onservance of the foregoing regulation.


Photographed at Porton station on 25th February 1968.

photograph by Dave Mant

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